What Does #Home Mean To You?

No matter what shape or size your living space is, the concept and feeling of home can mean different things to different people. Whether it’s a certain scent or a favorite chair, the emotional reasons why we choose to buy our own home are, more often than not, the more powerful or compelling ones. Every…


Almost-Free #OutdoorProjectIdeas

When a neighbor tore out a deck and left the pieces on the curb, RMSer Chicago Recycler had the materials for her porch redo. She built this table out of the 2x12s (top) and 4x4s (legs), using scrap 2x4s for the supporting structure, and she gave it an antique mahogany stain. She also built the…


Americans Believe Real Estate Is #BestLongTermInvestment

According to Bankrate’s latest Financial Security Index Poll, Americans who have money to set aside for the next 10 years would rather invest in real estate than any other type of investment. Bankrate asked Americans to answer the following question: “Which would be the best way to invest money you did not need for more…


Top 10 #SummerUpgrades

Easiest DIY ever, but they’re also super-affordable if you just want to buy-and-hang one. Please note that this is not in lieu of a swing. Our professional suggestion is that you have a hammock AND a swing…just to be clear. See the other Must Haves For Summer.

A large family with five kids on the living room sofa.

#HomeBuying Tips For Large Families

Having a large family can be a source of joy and pride for both you and your several children. However, it will require more space to house everyone comfortably and to meet their needs. If you have a large household and are looking for a more suitable house to fit your growing family, follow the…